Please note that the following prices are starting prices. All groomers charge according to the time and energy it takes to groom each animal as an individual. 

Prices increase with the following factors: 

Challenging behaviour - E.g. aggression, reactivity, persistent barking 

Size - E.g. obesity, mini labradoodle vs a large labradoodle

Difficulty to groom  - E.g inability to stay still or animal is unable to stand-up and requires extra support

Poor condition of coat - E.g. matting, thick/compacted undercoat in double coated breeds

Amount of coat - E.g. very grown out hair to hand strip, long hair.

Fleas or other contagious diseases - in the unfortunate case that we discover your pet is contagious you will be charged a "scrub down fee" so we do not pass anything on to our other clients.

Please note that weekend appointments will incur a 10% surcharge.