Dog Brick Interactive Treat Dispenser Dog Toy - LEVEL 2

Dog Brick Interactive Treat Dispenser Dog Toy - LEVEL 2

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The Dog Brick Puzzle Game makes giving treats to your dog more fun! This Level 2 Intermediate dog game features red boxes with flip lids and bone-shaped compartments in the base where you can store and hide treats. Use the white bone covers to conceal the treats in the compartments and let your dog sniff out the goods! These treat-hiding pieces are specially designed for your dog to paw and move on their own. Perfect for combating boredom and keeping your dog’s mind sharp, this treat-hiding dog puzzle is a must-have toy if you want to make playtime more challenging for your pet.


  • Treat-seeking puzzle game for dogs featuring red boxes and bone-shaped covers to hide treats
  • Sliding feature to help engage your pet even more and keep them intrigued in the puzzle
  • Mentally stimulating and challenges your dog’s mind – great for improving cognitive skills
  • Helps keep your dog occupied and entertained – no more boredom!
  • Holes in bone covers to make it easier for your pet to sniff out the treats
  • Great puzzle game to use to bond with your dog

Difficulty Level: Level 2 (Intermediate)

Dimensions: 32.38cm (length) x 22.86cm (width) x 5.08cm (height)