Toothpaste For Dogs
Toothpaste For Dogs
Toothpaste For Dogs

Toothpaste For Dogs

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Toothpaste for Dogs


Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Vegan Beef Flavoured Vegetable Stock (for flavour - no onions or garlic), Vegan BiCarb Soda, Organic Garden-Grown Mint


Finger- Method: Take a small pea size chunk of paste, melt on your fingers and apply to your dogs teeth and gums - ensure to coat all of the teeth. You don't need to brush - the anti-bacterial and exfoliating nature of the coconut oil and bicarb will do all the work.

Soft rubber finger-brush or natural brush method: inside or in a small cup or pot over warm stove, melt a pea size chunk, apply to brush, and gently coat your dogs teeth. Using soft back and forth motion, gently brush over front and back of teeth.


All ingredients can be ingested by dogs and humans.
The paste will solidify and bring all solid ingredients to the bottom - this will not change the effectiveness of the paste. Re-melting is fine and can make application easier.