Frequently Asked Questions

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We advise that your puppy comes in as soon as it has competed its vaccinations. We offer a Puppy Groom which isn' t as intensive as a full groom but is more about introducing the puppy to the grooming process. To book this, please chose the puppy's breed "Bath and Tidy" option and write a note that your dog is a puppy.

While you wait for your puppy to be old enough to have its first groom, we recommend you start the process at home! Light brushing, playing with their toes, and even using the vibrations of an electric toothbrush on their back are ways in which you can help the puppy become accustomed to grooming.

We advise that your kitten comes in after it has competed its vaccines. 

We recommend a kitten groom to introduce your kitten to the experience of grooming. 


As your pet ages there is a strong focus on providing your pet healthiness, comfort, and practicality above anything else. Things like fancy or complicated traditional style grooms or hair colouring are discouraged. We want to get your pet in and out in as little time and with as little fuss as possible. We have aids to assist sore old joints and use Fear-Free handling practice. We do not perform high velocity drying for older animals as many have hearing loss and the experience can cause stress. Instead, we use towel and hand drying which takes a little more time so please factor this in when making a booking. 

If your pet is of advanced age, please let us know so we can make the necessary accomodations. 



  • Bring your dog on a secure harness/collar and leash.
  • Bring your cat in a carrier
  • Toilet your dog before grooming
  • Bring in your own treats if your dog has dietary requirements 
  • Walk your dog before the groom. This helps the dog get out energy and settle them for the groom. 


  • Bring any toys or bedding (these can cause arguments).
  • Hang around for long unless otherwise advised. Your pet loves you and will be distracted for the groom (we say it is like dropping your human kids off at daycare, rip the bandaid off quick!)


We understand you might be curious and you love spending time with your pet but generally, animals remain calmer and more cooperative for the groomer when their human isn't present. We use sharp equipment on the animals and require their full attention for their safety. When you're present, the animal will understandably want to be with you, taking focus off the groomer and making it hard for them to sit still and cooperate. 

Additionally, our insurance does not cover the public entering the grooming area. 

Unlikely but possibly. 

Most animals that come in will not be crated and we have both a free-roam cat room and free-roam dog pay area.

However, while some salons boast about being "cage free", this is not safe for either pets nor groomers. We do our best to keep your animal outside of a crate and/or roaming around with us, but some animals get frightened or aggressive around other animals, or are at risk of being stood on or injured. We are not willing to risk anyone's safety or happiness!

Please don't be alarmed though! If necessary, it will only ever require minimal time in a crate because we schedule our appointments to ensure your pet isn‘t with us for extended periods outside of their allocated grooming time.

If your animal has any issues with being crated, please let us know prior to your appointment so we can accomodate the animal's needs.

Our salon is by appointment only for full grooming services. This helps us provide a quieter and more predictable environment for our animal clients.

However, you are always welcome to "try your luck" for walk-in face trims, nail clipping, and smaller services. Ringing ahead also helps.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If the groom is cancelled less than 24-hours before the appointment time, you will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the groom. 

If three appointments are missed without giving notice, we then require you to pre-pay prior to scheduling any future appointments, and appointment fees will not be refunded if the appointment is missed again.

Some grooms can take over three hours, and that is precious time we would love to fill and is made more difficult with little notice.

Of course, if you let us know you're unable to make your appointment with more than 24-hours notice, then there's no fee.

You are required to sign a consent and release form before your first groom (standard industry practice.) This will be sent to you via email upon making your first booking, so be sure to check your junk mail if you've missed it.


The key is to let us know this when booking! Being upfront and honest helps us avoid any unpleasant surprises, helps us schedule in more time so your pet isn't rushed and allows us to be more aware of your pet's needs. 

Secondly, try not to fret. Your pet will sense your anxiety and we do not want to feed into their worries. 

The two most common issues we see are fear of drying and fear of nail clipping. There might be times where the dog will have to go home towel dried or trained for nail trimming. We will do absolutely everything we can before it gets to this, but we want the most humane and safe outcome for both the animal and groomer.

Additionally, it helps to visit more frequently. Not only will regular exposure help the animal get used to the process, but it also means appointments can be shorter and more pleasant.

Please be advised that we do not sedate animals in this salon. If the animal is too distressed we will advise you of this, and refer them to a vet. 

The first step is to let us know so we can best accomodate your pet. For example, if your dog is anxious around other dogs we can schedule an early or late appointment to avoid contact with other dogs. 

We definitely recommend that your anxious pet expends as much energy as possible before the appointment. Getting out energy lowers nervous energy and helps us in calming, comforting and communicating with the pet during its groom.

If your animal is on medication, please make sure they have not missed any doses in the week leading up to the groom. 

When dropping off your pet, please try to stay calm. Having an air of confidence will show your animal that grooming is nothing to be feared and they are in safe hands. 

In extreme cases, we might discuss further interventions like consulting vets and trainers.

Again, please tell us in advance. This is vital for the best outcome for your pet, our groomers and any other animals in the facility.

If your dog can be handled safely with a muzzle, we are willing to accomodate your dog. If your dog requires more than one handler to be groomed, this will incur an extra fee. 

If your dog needs specific training, that is something we can discuss or refer to our recommended trainer. 

If your dog's aggression is unmanageable or too unsafe for us, we recommend speaking to your vet for solutions. 

Many people see their cats as "aggressive" during a groom. This is not always the case but please notify us ahead of the appointment so we can make accomodations. 

If your cat is aggressive but we are able to continue with Personal Protective Equipment (such as gloves or cat grooming bags) and/or another handler, we will discuss this with you prior to the appointment and will require you to sign a permission form. 

If the cat is unable to be safely and comfortably groomed, we will let you know and refer to a vet.

Don't stress too much! We will find a solution for your cat. 


Our customer's safety and health is of the utmost priority, which is why we go above and beyond the standard industry practices. While we do like to keep our studio as chemical-free as possible, it's our duty to prevent cross contamination between clients and a safe environment for all. 

We use H-42 Virucidal Anti-Bacterial cleaner, an agent that deactivates and destroys viruses such as HIV-1 (the AIDS virus) and Covid-19. It also lubricates, preventing our blades from rust. 

We use a Digital Far-Infrared Medical Grade Autoclave that uses high temperatures to thoroughly kill a variety of bacteria and viruses

If you are aware that your pet has fleas, we ask that you keep the animal away from the salon until it has undergone flea treatment. This will help stop the spread of fleas in our salon. 

If you are unaware your animal has fleas and we discover this during the appointment, we will still carry out the groom but will charge extra for the clean down. Just like vomiting in a taxi, we have to make sure we disinfect everything to protect other customers! 

We do not provide flea treatments at our salon as we believe it is best for you to talk to a qualified vet or veterinary nurse about what options are best for your animal.  

Bordetella (bacterial kennel cough) and Parainfluenza (viral kennel cough) are extremely contagious and we cannot risk any of our clients becoming infected and getting sick. 

Please contact us immediately to reschedule your appointment and we hope your pup feels better soon. 

Yes, we can. However, despite having experience in Animal First Aid, we want to make sure we take every precaution possible for your pet. Please make sure your Emergency Vet information is up-to-date, and that you provide us with instructions should you have a specific medical plan. 

We are currently providing Welfare Grooming only as permitted by the State Government. 

Please watch this video to see ho w our business is currently operating with Covid-19 restrictions

Remember, be more like your cat! - Clean yourself frequently and practice social distancing!


Not only is it uncomfortable and risky for your dog, it is also unpleasant for the groomer and will send the other dogs in the salon bonkers.

If you've ever experienced period pain, you'll understand that you have extra physical sensitivity, mood swings and sometimes pain. This is the same for your dog, and makes it very uncomfortable for her to stand and move as required to be able to be groomed.

Dogs on-heat will also spread pheromones throughout the shop, sending the males into a frenzy. This makes is very hard to groom those other dogs. 

What's more, it also isn't very nice for our groomers to have to deal with being bled on. 


That's because there are many differences from dog to dog, or cat to cat. Pricing is subject to the following variables:

COAT - Breed type, such as smooth coat, wire coat, curly coat, double coat etc. Also coat condition, is the coat in good condition, or is it heavily matted?

SIZE - The size of the breed - is it a large or small or toy size breed? 

TEMPERAMENT - Does the animal stand on the table and cooperate easily or is the animal fearful, aggressive or tired. Can the dog stand for long, and is it easy to manoeuvre? 

AGE - Puppies/kittens vs adults vs senior all range in pricing. 

STYLE - Is the style relatively easy for us to do or does it require lots of detail and time.  

Grooming prices are subject to variables. For example, the coat condition may not be as good as it was described over the phone. Or maybe the dog is having a bad day and its temperament makes it hard to groom, or maybe the dog has grown from being a puppy and now takes longer to groom.

If asked before the groom, we will always provide you with a quote. If something arises as we are doing the groom (such as the dog has fleas or the dog isn't coping as well as usual) we will contact you via phone to inform you of the price change and have your consent to continue the groom. 

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If the groom is cancelled less than 24-hours before the appointment time, you will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the groom. 

If three appointments are missed without giving notice, we then require you to pre-pay prior to scheduling any future appointments, and appointment fees will not be refunded if the appointment is missed again.

Some grooms can take over three hours, and that is precious time we would love to fill and is made more difficult with little notice.

Of course, if you let us know you're unable to make your appointment with more than 24-hours notice, then there's no fee.


It’s difficult to know in advance how long a grooming session will take. Again, it depends on variables like the style of groom you want, the condition of the coat, and how cooperative the animal is feeling on the day.

We can give you an estimate when you book or when you come in, but we will call to notify you 15 minutes from the completion of the groom.  

Please allow a minimum of two hours when booking. 

The answer to this has many variables; the dog's breed, the condition of the coat, the lifestyle of the dog, how long you would like to keep your pooch's hair, and how much at-home maintenance you are willing to put in.

However, as a rough guide:

- Short haired dogs should be groomed about once a month.

- Long haired dogs which require clipping, should be clipped every four to eight weeks, with in-between clip visits ("Bath & Tidy") every two to three weeks to maintain the condition of the coat.

After your appointment, we will recommend when we think your pet will need its next groom.

Cats don't require grooming as frequently as dogs because they are good at maintaining their own cleanliness. Cat grooming often isn't within a set time period, it is more specific to your cat's particular circumstances and observation. 

Some things to consider are whether your cat's coat is unclean or has excess oil, or maybe your cat can't clean itself as well as it used to, perhaps the cat's coat has become too long and needs a hygiene trim, or perhaps your cat's hair is shedding everywhere. 

It is up to you to determine when your cat needs a groom.