Traditional grooms are for people who really want their dog to be instantly recognisable as the breed they are.

Every purebred dog traditionally has its own specialty trim, each with its own set of “rules” (although many of these grooms are modified for everyday pet owners.)

For bearded terriers it may mean a long beard and eyebrows. For spaniels it might be a long skirt and bell shaped ears. For poodles it may mean rosette (pom-pom) cuffs and a top knot.

If you aren't sure what the breed standard looks like on your dog, type your dog's breed and "show dog" into google.

What's Included

Double Shampoo


Full Brush Out

Nails Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Sanitary Area Clipped + Cleaned

High Velocity Dry

Full Breed Specific Hand Scissoring (and clipping if required)


Report Card

What you Should know

If you would like the face traditional, but just want the body all one length, we classify that as a "Full Clip"

Some breeds are traditionally hand-stripped. If you just want the dog clipped into shape and not hand-stripped, select the traditional option. If you would prefer it was also hand-stripped, select the "hand-strip" option as that will include traditional scissor work as well.

These grooms usually require the most at-home maintenance, simply because they are generally longer in length

Cross-breed dogs (e.g. Cavoodles, Labradoodles etc.) do not have their own breed standards therefore they do not have their own traditional groom types. Nevertheless, you can book your crossbreed in if you would like them to look like a specific breed (for example, we have many Schnoodles want to look like Schnauzers!)