What do grooms include?

All grooms include: 

Double shampoo and conditioner with premium products

High velocity dry

Nail clipping

Shaving and/or cleaning of paw pads

Sanitary trims

Report card

Dog safe cologne/perfume (unless requested otherwise.) Please let us know if you have a preferred fragrance scent when dropping your dog off.

Extras available upon request and free of charge:

De-shedding treatment 

Sensitive Skin shampoo and conditioner 

Ear Cleaning

Bath & Tidy

 A popular choice for short haired breeds, and a nice option for longer haired dogs in between larger grooming sessions.

For short haired dogs this includes a de-shedding treatment.

Longer haired dogs receive facial trimming, feet scissored, sanitary trim.

*This service is not available to matted dogs as they will need to have a "full clip"


"Full clips" are where the hair length on the body and legs is all one length while the tail and head is still able to be styled to your desire (eg, "teddy bear", traditional to the breed, cut right back etc.)

These grooms are most common groom for medium/longer haired dogs as they look really cute, don't require as much styling, and are more affordable.

You may notice some online selections offer two types of Full Clips - "short hair on body" vs "Fluffy/Long hair on body."

The shorter option is when we use a blade and the longest length option leaves 1/2″ or 13mm length of coat on the dog.

The fluffy/longer option is when you want to go longer than a blade and require extension combs and/or hand scissoring. The fluffy option does cost a bit more as it requires more time and labour.


These grooms are for owners who really want their breed to be instantly recognisable as the breed they are. Every dog breed traditionally has its own specialty trim, each with their own set of “rules” (although many of these grooms are modified for everyday pet owners.) These grooms usually require the most at-home maintenance. Please note that cross-breed dogs (e.g. Cavoodles, Labradoodles etc.) do not have their own breed standards therefore they do not have their own traditional groom types. However, you can book under "traditional" if you want a longer, fluffier hairstyle.


A groom out is the process of removing the undercoat from dogs with a double, combination, or heavy coat. Usually this undercoat is not effectively removed with simple brushing or combing, as these focus primarily on removing hair and debris from the top layer of fur. A groom out of your dog helps facilitate the growth of healthy new hair, the regulation of body temperature, stops matting and discomfort, and helps reduce the amount of fur your pet sheds around your home. The process involves a de-shedding treatment and conditioning treatment. The finish leaves the dog soft and fluffy, but the use of thinning scissors helps shape and refine the coat.


This groom goes where your imagination wants to take it! We can incorporate things like hair colouring, leg warmers, mohawks asian fusion styles - heck, we can even do a "can I speak to the manager" hair-do if you want!

Prices for these grooms are quoted upon request and are subject to the condition of the coat.  When booking this type of groom click "traditional" in the booking section and make a note of what you are looking for.

Hand Stripping

Hand-Stripping is a type of grooming method, done by hand using a painless "pulling" technique, that removes excess hair from a dog’s coat. 

Not all dog coat types can use this method (it is mostly for wire coated dogs) however, it is the healthiest method for those dogs who can use it.

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Add ons available with extra charge:

Poodle feet / Clean Shaved Feet

Dremeled (filed) nails

Nail Painting

Blueberry Facial

Acne and/or Yeast Skin Treatment



Price List

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