Salon & Location

Grooming Facilities

MAIN DOG GROOMING ROOM - Our central grooming space for dogs has the highest quality equipment including electronic lift tables (to avoid sudden jolting and scaring the animals), slings to help animals with joint mobility and soreness, and fanciest grooming tools. 

CAT GROOMING ROOM-  This specifically designed space is completely separate to the dog grooming part of the building. It is quiet and totally catered for cats’ needs, having relaxing air-scents emitted, a large cat climbing  activity centre, catnip and clean bedding. Cats are free to roam while waiting for their appointments. The space is also beautifully finished with antiques and vintage pieces for photo opportunities. It is an optimal space to help relax cats. 

GROOM OUT ROOM - This room is catered for the double coated breeds that shed lots of hair. The room has electric lift tables to help large animals up, is fitted with premium high velocity dryers and has great airflow to keep them cool through the process.

RELAXATION ROOM - A place literally for a day spa session for your pets - massage, facials, skin treatments etc. We will soon be upgrading this room to be fitted with state of the art spa baths. The relaxation room also doubles as a space for animals with anxiety needs that need to be groomed away from other animals. It is also the central space for bunny and guinea pig grooming. 

BATHING ROOM - Our beautiful light filled bathing room is fitted with hydrobaths and electric lift baths. Taps are set with temperature controlled settings. We only use industry-leading, internationally regarded, premium quality, bathing products. This room isn’t meant for simply cleaning dogs, but also allowing them to enjoy the experience. 

STYLE ROOM - Our style room is all about the finishing touches. We have a professional photography space to capture special grooms and milestones. Each animal has its own locker to store their personal items safely. The space also stores ribbons, report cards, and colognes for finishing touches.

RUN SPACE - Large space for dogs to run freely and play while waiting for their appointment or owner. We have ample toys, water and bedding - even some doggy play friends! We also have 2 large crates which we use very rarely, but provide as an option for those dogs that are shy, fragile or have specific needs.

Retail Space

We have a vibrant retail space where anyone can now swing by, say hello, and spoil their pets! We have our own Uncanny Animals Brand grooming products and accessories including brushes for all coat types, collars, clothing, and nail caps. Fresh baked vegan dog treats are available each day in our bakery. We also bring you the coolest, most innovative and highest quality products while also supporting boutique, small business brands and creatives you possibly haven’t even heard of! 


Our salon is located in the happenin' suburb of Yarraville, voted one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world If you're travelling from out of town, be sure to check out all that Yarraville has to offer