100% Vegan

As lovers of animals, we pledge to care for our environmental footprint and the future of all animals.

We are a 100% Vegan salon, acknowledging that good quality care in grooming doesn't need to harm other animals in the process.

Everything in our salon is vegan from the products we use, to the products we sell, to the equipment use and treats we offer our clients.

Hair Donation

We participate in many hair donation programs including making Sea Booms to soak up oil spills and giving to customers for their gardens.

You can ask us for some hair youself and read more about great uses for pet hair on our page.

Sustain-able Salon

Uncanny Animals is a certified Sustainable salon and has been sice the beginning...

Unfortunately this industry can come with a lot of waste, but we are trying our best to combat that while still keeping our stringent hygiene practices. 

We are a registered Sustainable Salon. In fact, we have been since the very beginning! 

Being a Sustainable Salon means we take part in initiatives like donating hair to make Sea Booms which soak up oil spills in the ocean to keeping plastic, paper and metals in GUARANTEED circulation.

Yes, this is a cost to our business but something we feel is important enough to factor in when we choose our prices. 

Animals are at the forefront of what we do and this means making sure we look after the future for them! 

Below are some of the numbers made by Sustainbale Salons inn 2022!


When our shampoo goes down the drain or the washed hair goes into the garden you can be rest assured it is safe for grey waste, and capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution.

We also have biodegradable and compostable options for things like poop bags and hair ties (our hair ties decompose in 6months!)