Wash, Dry & Brush

This is our base service, best used every 4-8 weeks to maintain the grooming health of your feline bestie.

Your cat with be sparkling and feeling purr-fectly fabulous!

What's Included

Premium Double Shampoo

Grease Removing Goo

Premium Conditioner

Full Brush Out

Nails Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Outer-Ear Clean

Gentle Cat-Safe Dry

Feet Scissored to neaten

Cat-Safe Cologne (optional)

Report Card

This groom is Sustainable Salon Certified - to help reduce environmental impact!

Do cats Need bathing?

“Cats clean themselves, surely they don’t need grooming” is a phrase I’m sure most professional cat groomers get tired of hearing. It could be argued that bathing isn’t necessarily for the survival of humans either, but we all understand that it is hygienic and beneficial to do so. Same goes with cats.

As you know, cats “bathe” themselves with their tongues, which means they ingest whatever is on their coat - that could be pesticides, fecal matter, or substances toxic to them. Unfortunately cats are extremely sensitive, so often they are unknowingly exposed to chemicals and plants that are irritating or even toxic to them. Not can these external substances be ingested, but they can also upset the skin. Bathing helps eliminate this. 

A proper conditioning treatment also helps remove dead hair far more gently than only brushing out the coat. Removing that excess hair helps reduce the discomfort associated with hairballs, facilitates air flow to the skin, prevents knots/matting, and improves function and comfort.

at bathing is also beneficial to those allergic to cats. Again, cats groom themselves with their tongues which in turn spreads saliva over the coat. It’s the saliva and dander (dead skin flakes) that carry the allergens! Bathing helps remove these allergens helping the humans in the cat’s life form closer bonds with the cat.

Truthfully, the only argument made against bathing a cat is stress it may put on the animal. However, It is a complete misconception that cats are innately stressed by bathing (You’ll actually find most professional cat groomers will say that bathing is the least stressful part of grooming a feline!) 

The best way to negate any stress on the cat is to prepare them from a young age, and bring them on a schedule to make sure they are used to the process.

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