Lion Cut

The Lion Cut entails shaving the cat’s body fur except for on the head and feet, and if requested, the chest and tail.

The results can look theatrical, but the Lion Cut has many benefits including removing and preventing matting, helping with the ingestion of fur, helping skin conditions, and assisting temperature regulation in certan circumstances.

This cut is often used to "reset" the cat's coat, and is a practical and helpful groom to lower at-home grooming maintence.

What's Included

Premium Double Shampoo

Grease Removing Goo

Premium Conditioner

Lion's Cut Body Shave

Full Brush Out

Nails Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Outer-Ear Clean

Gentle Cat-Safe Dry

Feet, Booties & Tails Scissored to shape

Face and/or Chest Scissored and Styled

Cat-Safe Cologne (optional)

Report Card

This groom is Sustainable Salon Certified - to help reduce environmental impact!

Bobble Head

This style has the typical #10 blade body with furry booties, but has a gorgeous scissored round head. It's often matched with a shaved tail with pom-pom on the end.

This one looks particularly cute on brachycephalic cats like Persians, Exotic Shorthairs and Himalayans.

Lion's Mane

This style has the typical #10 blade body with furry booties, but also a lucious mane that covers the chest and the back of the neck right up to between the shoulder blades. It is often paired with a natural, bushy tail to give balance to the look.

This looks gorgeous on cats that have hair that forms a natural mane like Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats and many Domestic Longhaired Cats.

Modified Lion Cut

This style turns your long-haired kitty into a short-haired kitty.

Unlike the other Lion Cut styles that are done with a #10 blade, this is done with blades ranging from #7f (3.2mm of hair left) to #3f (13mm of hair left.)

There's no contrasting features like the other two styles that have booties, round head, pom-poms or mane. Rather, it all blends evenly to make cat look lovely and sleek, similar to a Domestic Short-Haired Cat.

This style is not fluffy. If you are wanting a longer length, check out the comb cut groom.

How long does it take to grow back?

If your kitty gets a Lion Cut and you decide you'd like to grow it back to it's full natural coat, expect a few months before it gets its floofiness back.

If it has had a tradiitonal Lion Cut on a #10 blade, a general guide is:

Short Haired Cats - 2 to 3 months

Medium Haired Cats - 3 to 4 months

Long Haired Cats - 5-6 months

As you can see in the image however, it is only about a month before the cat has a full covering of short hair.