Bath & Tidy

A great option for longer-haired dogs in between larger grooming sessions, this groom provides everything a usual full groom does except cutting the hair on the body.

Coming in for a bath & tidy will help take the pesky hair out of the eyes, and jump on those knots before they become matting.

We encourage all longer-hair dogs to see us on a minimum of 4 weeks, alternating grooms between Bath & Tidy and full grooms.

What's Included

Double Shampoo


Full Brush Out

Nails Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Sanitary Area Clipped + Cleaned

High Velocity Dry

Face Styling & Scissor Work

Tail and Feet Shaped


Report Card

This groom is Sustainable Salon Certified - to help reduce environmental impact!

What you should know

 This service is not available if the dog has any matting. Water tightens knots and matting, so bathing them without clipping can make matters worse. If your dog has matting select the "full clip" option.

 If you book in a Bath & Tidy and want a full groom on the day of the appointment, unfortunately we won't have enough time so please make sure you book wisely.