Puppies & kittens get pretty dirty! Whether they are learning to navigate the world, toilet training, or got a little crusty post-surgery - they can definitely use a groom too! It is also very useful to get them used to the process young so it is less stressful when they are older. 

Their first appointment
We recommend that all kittens and puppies wait until they have completed all their immunisations before having their first groom. When your vet says your baby is ready to go out and navigate the world, we are ready to groom them with open arms!

What's involved?
For the lil bubs we do a wash with gentle puppy or kitten double shampoo and conditioner, a dry (with a lower set dryer than normal), a soft brush out and make them smell like a new born baby - yummy! 😆 If required, we do a little scissoring to make sure the hair is out of their eyes and they are feeling nice and comfortable. They also have their nails clipped, paw pads shaved,  and a little spritz of puppy perfume! 

Please note to book a puppy/kitten groom, simply book under your pet's breed with the "Bath & Tidy" option and leave us a note.

The price is dependent on size and difficulty to groom, but will always be less than the "Bath & Tidy" option until the baby is 6months old.