Belly Shave

The belly shave is exactly what it sounds like! We carefully shave the hair covering the cat's belly area, including between the cat's rear legs, beneath the tail and around the anus.

The belly shave is often given to long-haired cats to remove and prevent mats and increase hygiene.

It's also popular for all cats in Summer as they can use the shaved area to lay on cold surfaces (e.g. tiles) to keep cool.

What's Included

Belly shaved on a 10 blade (safest blade)

Premium Double Shampoo

Grease Removing Goo

Premium Conditioner

Full Brush Out

Nails Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Outer-Ear Clean

Gentle Cat-Safe Dry

Feet Scissored to neaten

Cat-Safe Cologne (optional)

Report Card

This groom is Sustainable Salon Certified - to help reduce environmental impact!

What you should know

The area is done on a #10 blade as this is the safest blade and provides a really nice, short cut that will last a while. If you would like to go a longer blade, please let us know.

This cut shouldn't really interfere with the over all look of the cat, but will be slightly visible when the cat is sitting up or laying on their back. We do not save the chest or past the breastbone.

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