Bath & De-Shedding

A beautiful service tailored to those short-haired, high-shedding breeds.

Our specialty de-shedding treatment combined with our de-shedding techniques will leave your pooch feeling loads lighter and less itchy.

Importantly, we do not use yucky methods that will cut the hair - we can de-shed and maintain the integrity of the coat.

Although we think dog hair is like love glitter, your house vacuum will be grateful for this groom!

What's Included

Double Shampoo


De-Shedding Treatment

Full Manual De-Shedding and Brush Out

Nails Cut

Paw Pad Shave

Sanitary Area Cleaned

High Velocity Dry


Report Card

This groom is Sustainable Salon Certified - to help reduce environmental impact!

What you should know

This isn't a simple bath! This is a full grooming service.

After the treatment, you'll notice a little extra hair comes out for 3 or so days. After that, you'll notice a substantial difference.

De-shedding means we are getting rid of the loose hair in the coat, and the hair in the telogen and exogen hair phase. We are never going to be able to fully stop a dog from shedding due to the nature of the hair cycle.