Blueberry Facial

Your animal companion deserves the best, so why not pamper your dog or cat with a facial? They will enjoy the experience and you will enjoy the result. 

The  Blueberry Facial is an aromatherapeutic treatment that cleans and brightens your pet's face, while also relaxing and cleansing the skin. The tearless formula is applied to the face and we give your pet a 15 minute facial massage.

Contains coconut oil, jojoba, aloe, blueberry, avocado. Suitable for cats & dogs

Price - $15

Banana Facial

This mild formula gently removes dirt and staining of the face without chemical bleaches, alcohol, parabens, soaps or SLS.

It contains sacred lotus, oat and evening primrose, and smells just like bananas! Your pooch enjoys a 15 min massage while it works its magic.

Dogs Only

Price - $15

Yeast Treatment

This treatment inhibits the growth of skin bacteria and funguses, which can often go hand-in-hand with allergies. Most common, you might notice your animal chewing on their paw and it is likely to be yeast.

If the area is hairfree, a house-made balm is also applied to the effected areas which can assist in calming itchy, dry skin.

Price added to groom - $15

Blackhead and Acne Treatment

This treatment helps stubborn skin issues like blackheads and acne. It includes a warm exfoliating wash and acne spray to cleans pours, getting rid of dirt and sebum. A house-made balm is also applied to avoid the skin drying out.

Price added to groom - $15