Exfoliation Treatment

*Suitable for cats and dogs

For our Exfoliation Treatment we use a combination of speciality products to remove the dry, dead skin cells from the body, boasting very clear immediate results! This treatment removes itchiness and revitalises the epidermis.

This is an add-on service to the groom

Yeast Treatment

*Dogs Only

This treatment inhibits the growth of skin bacteria and funguses, which can often go hand-in-hand with allergies. Most common, you might notice your pet chewing on their paw, or rusted discolouration of the coat - this is likely to be yeast.

If the area is hairfree, a house-made balm is also applied to the effected areas which can assist in calming itchy, dry skin.

This is an add-on service to the groom


*Cats only

Stud Tail is a condition where excess oil, dander and dandruff collects quite dramatically on the cat’s tail. Although many, many cats live with this, treatment is advised as the condition can cause discomfort and pain for your cat. 

The good news is, with this treatment Stud Tail can be removed with one or two sessions. We use a specialist treatment specifically formulated for Stud Tail that sits on the tail for about 5-10 mins and melts away the grime gently.

Blackhead and Acne Treatment

*Dogs Only

This treatment helps stubborn skin issues like blackheads and acne. It includes a warm exfoliating wash and acne spray to cleans pours, getting rid of dirt and sebum. A house-made balm is also applied to avoid the skin drying out.

This is best to do on a regular schedule which grooming appointments.

(Photo is after 5 sessions.)

This is an add-on service to the groom

Hairless Cat Treatment

Hairless cats have their own specialty groom. This groom removes the excess sebum and grime build up that can be very stubborn on their skin, while the products used are still sensitive to suit cats.