Even though rabbits do a little personal grooming, grooming done by humans is absolutely essential to the health of pet rabbits. 

When rabbits groom themselves they can ingest a lot of hair which can accumulate in the stomach,  but unlike cats, rabbits cannot vomit or cough up hairballs. That means, if the hair doesn't safely move through the stomach and intestines, it will cause a potentially serious issue such as trichobezoar (matted hair in the stomach) or GI stasis (intestinal blockage.) Unfortunately, these can also be fatal. Leaving your rabbit to deal with their shedding hair is not safe and all pet rabbits need assistance de-shedding.

Rabbits also can’t brush through their hair and if not attended to, the hair will become matted. Matted animals will be restricted from full movement and experience pain. Matting also poses more serious risks like blood restriction to extremities, hematomas and infections. 

This all sounds a little scary- right? Well don’t be scared, we are here to help you and your bunny! 

Basic Groom

- Deshed removal of blown out coat and loose hair
- Brush out to make sure there is no knots and prevent matting
- The cleaning of scent glands
- Outer ear clean
- Nail clip

*Please note we do not bathe bunnies as it causes too much stress on them

Hygiene Clean Up

This groom includes everything involved in the Basic Groom with the added extra of shaving out area around the genitals and anus to prevent infection, urinary tract issues or further knots/matting. 

Matting Removal

This groom helps your bunny start fresh by removing matting. This can be a painstakingly slow process due to the fragility of rabbit's skin and keeping the rabbit free from stress, so please account for plenty of time when booking.

Nail clip, scent gland and ear clean are all included.


A beautiful cruelty free salon. Annie is so kind and gentle. Your buns will be in the best hands!

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits

This had been troubling us for some months now, I had really lost hope. I am so grateful for how well matured and relaxed my bunny felt with you. Honestly amazed at the result, you guys are life savers!

Bailey (Happy Bunny Mum)