No Anaesthetic, No Sedation.

Many people have to rely on their vet to groom their cat, but unfortunately this almost always requires anaesthetic or sedation (which of course comes with risks.) At our salon, we do not sedate. 

We use fear-free handling and provide a specially designed cat calming space.

It is rare that we will encounter a cat that is distressed by the grooming process, but in these instances we offer a full refund and will advise you on best practice going forward. 

No Dogs. Private Space.

Although our facility offers dog grooming and our reception space is shared similar to your local vet's reception, cats enter into a seperate part of the building to reach their specific cat grooming rooms. Each room is private and exclusive to one cat at a time. Rooms are quiet and cater to their needs.

Vegan & Cruelty Free Products

Your cat may be a carnivore but we believe it's unnecessary to harm other animals to keep your cat clean and at its most fabulous; that's why we only use premium quality vegan and cruelty-free products. 


Our base service to get your kitty sparkling.

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Your cat will feel lighter after this groom (and your vacuum will thank you!)

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Get that hygiene under control.

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Helps to cool your cat and remove highest risk matting area.

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A really practical option.

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This one gets rid of the bulk, but remains floofy!

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Release your cat from discomfort.

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A specialised treatment especially for hairless cats.

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One for the little Bubs.

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Your cat's groom doesn't need to be boring.

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They add colour into your life, ad a splash to there's.

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Paw-dicure time.

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Before your Cat's Groom

What to bring

All you need to bring is your cat in a carry cage.

If your cat has specific treats, shampoo, brush etc, please bring that too. 

What to do

Your cat will cope so much better if you're able to expend some of its nervous energy. It isn't essential but we would love it if you could play with your cat before you arrive.

If your cat has any health issues, please let us know before the groom as we would like to schedule a little more time to take extra care of them. 

If it is your cat's time first with us, please account for a little extra time before your appointment to fill out our client forms.