Our Promises

Humanity Over Vanity

We love making your animal look fancy, fresh and fetching, but ultimately we put animal welfare first. We pledge to never push your animal past its limits, provide you with services that put your pet's comfort first, and to always always lead with kindness.

Environmentally Responsible

As lovers of animals, we pledge to care for our environmental footprint and the future of all animals.

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Premium Quality

From start to finish, we only use the highest quality, premium products on our animals. The same used on show animals and the boujee pets of Hollywood!

Additionally, our studio is fitted with state of the art equipment to make the process as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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Approachable & Understanding

Although sometimes our clients bite - we don't! We lead this business with an open heart and open mind, so please feel free to ask us any questions - there's no need to ever feel ashamed or embarrassed! We are here to help.

Fashion Forward

We pride ourselves on being innovators and game changers in grooming. We deeply respect traditional grooming, but we are always looking to approach grooming with a modern eye. 


We believe it's for the benefit of both you and your pet that we help you understand how to properly groom and care for your pet at home. We provide a "Grooming Report" after each groom to help communicate how your animal is travelling and what we think will help you. We want to make sure you feel confident and are not overwhelmed!