We use 100% pet safe, vegan, cruelty-free products.

We offer a large range of hair colouring types including spray-on, chalk, semi-permanent and permanent (permanent not available for cats.)

The process is one of the least stressful services we provide in our salon! (Not that we want any service to be stressful, but this is certainly a chill process.) It mostly feels like a bit of a massage and can be incorporated into the bathing process. Sometimes the colour takes a little time to develop, so we simply wrap the hair and play with the animal or give them cuddles while we wait.

If your pet hasn't had colour treatment before, we will do a patch test first. Just like with normal shampoos or fragrances, we do not recommend this treatment if your pet has allergies.

Did you know that your dog's final product will look different to them than it will for you?

Dogs interpret colour differently to us!

Eyes contain special light catching cells called "cones" that respond to colour. Not only do dogs have fewer cones than humans (making what they see less intense), but they don't have as many different types of cones which are each tuned to different wavelengths of light (meaning they don't have the range of colour vision that humans have.)

This is amusing when considering so many dog toys are red which is difficult for dogs to see! It also means dogs don't react or even notice coloured dye like we do - it's not such a biggie for them! 

However, they do understand that it can gain them more attention. If your dog loves pats and attention, this is an easy way to gain some more lovin'.

Will my dog be embarrassed?

Although animals are sentient beings (with emotions like anger, sadness, fear, empathy and happiness), they do not always feel the same emotions as us humans.

Researchers believe that embarrassment, humiliation and shame are uniquely human constructs. Although they serve a purpose for humans, it’s anthropomorphising to say our pets feel the same way.

In fact, assuming our pets feel these emotions can actually be detrimental to understanding them and even caring for them! For example, when an animal has done something we deem to be “naughty” or "silly" they might appear to be embarrassed. Their body language might slump or they might turn their head away. But it’s actually just them responding to our body language and anticipating a reaction from us.

Your dog won’t feel embarrassed if you pick the wrong colour for its eyes, hehe. It will more than likely just feed off the response that other humans give to it (which is often lots of smiles and positive attention!) 

How much does it cost?

Just like your hairdresser's prices change depending on what you want done, so do your pet's. 

To know what to charge we need to consider...

How many colours you want?

Is there a pattern or style you want?

Where do you want it?

How long is the hair?

What condition is the hair in?

Please don't hesitate to discuss a quote with us and if you have a budget, let us know and we can tell you what we can do to accomodate it.