When it comes to the comfort and health of our pets, nails are often overlooked. This is why all our grooms include a nail clipping or trimming. But we also offer extra nail solutions and even fancy fashionable options so that nails are never overlooked again! 

Nail Caps
Nail Paint
Nail Dremel
Nail Dremel

Dremelling the nail is the process of using an electric grinder on a dog's nail.

Although a slower process than using guillotine style clippers, the finish is smoother, rounder and less scratchy and sharp.

Dremelling also gets much closer to the quick of the nail, helping the nail recede and not needing to be done as soon.

Some dogs who also have fear of clippers will prefer this more cautious method.

Nail Caps

What are Nail Caps?

Nail Caps are vinyl caps that are glued on to your cat or dog's existing nails. They are completely safe and humane and can be used on animals of all ages. They may look like a bit of a fashion statement, but are actually used for practical purposes. In fact, they were invented by a veterinarian who wanted to create a humane and effective solution to pet's scratching and walking problems. 

Why get them? How do they help?

Cat's nails contain an immense amount of bacteria which can be very harmful if they scratch other animals, humans, or even themselves.  Nail Caps stops this from happening, while also saving your furniture from being torn apart, and the cat's nails from getting caught in things like carpet.

Dogs often unintentionally sharpen their nails walking on surfaces like concrete and these sharpened nails can do damage to them when they scratch themselves! Their nails can also scratch hardwood floors and doors etc. Nail Caps protect all this from happening.

Nail caps can also help disabled or elderly dogs grip when walking.

Are they uncomfortable?

Most often, animals don't even notice they are wearing them. 

For cats, Nail Caps are designed so that they won't interfere with the normal extension and retraction of their claws. They tolerate them extremely well. 

Dogs are usually even less phased by Nail Caps than cats, though they may prance a little bit at the start while they are still getting used to them. Dog nails do not retract so they are just applied over the nail. To get the nail off, they don't grow out like cats nails so will need to be taken off with human help.

When some animals first wear them, they may try to bite them off because they feel a bit "weird." (Kind of like trying to text with acrylic nails on, haha.) However, Nail Caps are safe, non-toxic and even if they manage to get them off, the caps are only they size of a small pill and cause no harm if ingested (the adhesive is the same type of adhesive used in many veterinary procedures.)

How long do they last? What colours do you have?

For cats, they fall off naturally as the nail sheds. They usually last between four and eight weeks.

For dogs, each application lasts approximately four to six weeks but will need to be clipped off and reapplied (because they do not naturally shed nails like cats do.)

We have most colours, even some glittery ones available! We actually recommend getting a more vibrant colour as it is easier to notice when and where they fall off so you know to get them redone. 

Nail Painting

Unlike Soft Paws, nail polish is mostly about the fashion statement - it just adds that bit of fun into you and your pooch's life! 😆

It also has unintentional benefits like drawing your eye to the nails more and therefore keeping them well maintained and clipped. 

Many dogs won't even notice that it is applied, although if your dogs has a fear of nail clipping it might prove hard to do (your groomer will let you know if that is the case.)

Our pet safe nail polish is free from harmful chemicals found in other nail polishes including: Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate,  Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor,  Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, and Triphenyl Phosphate.

Range of Colours
We have an extensive selection of colours for you to choose from when you arrive for your appointment. There isn't a colour we don't have and we even have a few sparkly ones too.