Grooming Terms & Conditions


 I agree to be solely responsible and liable for any and all acts of behaviour by my pet(s). This may include but is not limited to injury or death to pet, injury or death to another pet(s), or injury or death to any individual providing services in our salon, or other member of public using our salon. I agree that I will use a leash or use a carrier to control my pet within the salon.


I understand that grooming can be stressful to some pets, and I will inform the groomer if my pet has any medical conditions or stress prior to grooming. I understand that it is necessary to have my pet up to date on all vaccinations, insurance, parasite treatments and medications prior to every groom, and Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd is not liable for potential infections or diseases contracted. I understand that there can be rare unforeseen complications during grooming including allergic reactions, clipper rash, cuts and nicks, panic attacks, and nail bleeds. I understand that the establishment will do everything it can to avoid these issues and I will raise any concerns or questions I have with the above-mentioned prior to grooming. I understand that grooming can expose a hidden medical conditions, aggravate current conditions and that accidents do happen in grooming; I agree that I will not hold Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd or any of its employees responsible for any accident or injury to my pet.


I understand that senior pets and disabled and/or special needs pets are at much higher risk of medical related incidents in a grooming salon due to their general degenerating health and/or special needs, and the process can be stressful on an elderly pet, disabled and/or special needs pet both physically and mentally. Though all precaution and care is taken, grooming may cause dormant, unknown, active or inactive conditions such as arthritis, bone, joint or surgical sites to become active or inflamed, and unknown active or inactive heart, kidney, or liver disorders to become active and can result in illness, seizures, heart attack, stroke or the death of the dog. I agree not to hold Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd or any individual performing services responsible for my senior pet, disabled and/or special needs pet(s)’ reactions to grooming.


In the event of an emergency, I authorise Uncanny Animals and its staff to immediately seek professional veterinarian attention for my pet at my expense. I understand that all attempts will be made to contact me in the event of an emergency.


Uncanny Animals reserve the right to refuse service, or to stop service in progress, if your pet poses a threat to themselves, other pets or Uncanny Animals Staff, either by aggressive or other behaviour issues or any health problem. I understand that if my pet has fleas, a suspected contagious disease or my intact female pet is in heat, the establishment can refuse or stop service at any time and charge for anytime that was spent grooming, a clean down fee and/or implement the cancellation fee.


I understand that the cost of a groom has many variables and can be different from animal to animal and even groom to groom. I understand that the price of a groom is worked out once my pet has been physically assessed and the price is dependent on the condition of the coat, length of the coat, the extensiveness of knots and mats, the desired grooming style, and the behaviour of my animal. I also understand that add-on services like sensitive shampoo incur extra costs.  I also understand that if my pet presents with fleas there is a clean down cost to prevent any further contamination of animals within the establishment.

With all that in mind, I understand that it is my responsibility to ask for a quote before the groom begins and that by handing the animal over, even without asking for the price, I am consenting to the price of the groom. 


I agree that if I have any issues with the groom my pet receives, I will address this while on the Uncanny Animals premises as amendments to the groom will not be made once the animal has left. I understand that I can request the groomer my animal has, however this is not a guarantee and Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd is entitled to reallocate groomers without informing clients.


I agree that I will pay the balance in full at the time of collection of my pet. I understand that I will not receive a refund if unhappy or my expectations differ from reality.


I understand that if I need to change my appointment time, reschedule or cancel my appointment, I must give at least 48 hour’s notice so that the appointment time can be made available for another client. If I do not give 48hours notice, I will incur a fee of 50% of the cost of the services I had booked and I give Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd permission to process this with the card I have on file. If two appointments are missed without giving notice, I am then required to pre-pay prior to scheduling any future appointments, and appointment fees will not be refunded if I miss the appointment again.  


I understand that if I am late to my appointment by 15 minutes the appointment will be considered cancelled, and the cancellation fee applies. 


 I understand that Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd is not a pet-minding service and all effort should be made to pick up the pet at the agreed time. If my pet is still in the care of Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd an hour after I have been contacted to pick up the animal, a late pick-up fee of $1 a minute applies.


I understand that this establishment puts my pet’s comfort above all else. In the event that my pet’s coat is matted, I understand that the groomer may have to shave the mats out.  I understand that if my animal is matted it may not be clipped to my requested length. 

I understand that if an animal that is matted, it is at increased risk of injury during and after the grooming process including nicks, clipper rash, skin irritation, hematoma, physical stress, mental stress, and overstimulation. During the process of grooming a matted coat, the animal may show signs of pre-existing, unknown conditions such as skin irritation and/or sores (often due to matting, wet undercoat and dirty coat) bruising, flea bites, hotspots, and lumps.

I understand that additional grooming fees will apply for animals with matting, and it is my responsibility to ask for an approximate quote on drop off. The cost of grooming a matted pet is $120 per hour, the minimum matting cost is $30 for dogs and $200 for cats.


 Uncanny Animals does not recommend shaving or heavily scissoring down double-coated animals unless you deem it necessary to their health and wellbeing. Though the science is still out on why, anecdotally double-coated pets present with many post-shave complications. These include but are not limited to: Loss of hair growth, alopecia, loss of guard coat (the top layer of the coat), coat not growing back in the same texture and/or colour prior to shaving, bald patches, uneven hair growth, hyper pigmentation of the skin, darkening of the skin, sunburn, coarse re-growth of hair in different directions, and exposure to the elements. I understand these risks and take full responsibility of the long term impact on my pet’s coat when proceeding with clipping and/or scissoring my double-coated pet’s coat.


I understand that the colour and vibrancy of a pet’s creative dye groom is variable depending on my dog’s coat colour and condition. I understand that dying my pet with permanent hair dye can last the full length of the hair cycle, and this can sometimes be over a year. I understand that semi-permanent dye typically washes out after 6 washes, but if my dog’s hair is porous, fine, or soft it will last longer or possibly stain the hair. I understand that the colour black used in dying only comes in permanent, not semi-permanent. 

I agree that I have communicated with my pet’s groomer sufficiently to explain what creative groom I want, and my groomer understands. I will not hold my groomer accountable if the result differs from my expectations.


I consent to the use of my pet/s’ image for social media and marketing purposes by Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd and the groomer who performed the groom. I understand that sometimes third parties share images of grooms and I consent to this taking place. I will not attack/criticise Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd or any of its employees, associates, or partners publicly online. This includes forums, blogs, community groups or any social media.


I understand that the groom my pet receives is the artwork of the groomer. I will not claim this work as my own or as someone else’s, and if selling images of my animal, I will give credit to Uncanny Animals.


I understand that I can review the most current version of the Terms and Conditions via the Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd website. I understand that Uncanny Animals reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes to their website. It is my responsibility to check the website periodically for changes. My continued use of or access to our website or the Service following the posting of any changes to these Terms of Service constitutes acceptance of those changes.


I agree and understand and hereby release Uncanny Animals Pty Ltd, owners, partners, contractors and volunteer for injuries to my pet(s) or myself, or any property of mine while my dog is participating in services or on site at Uncanny Animals.