7 Thoughtful Re-uses for Pet Hair

7 Thoughtful Re-uses for Pet Hair

It seems such a great waste to cut off and groom-out so much fur from pets only to throw it in landfill. Luckily we aren't like most pet salons and are are forever looking for new, innovative ways to recycle and repurpose pet hair.

Currently we donate the majority of our hair to Sustainable Salons, which do so many wonderful things that you'll read about further in this piece.

Because of this donation program, we make sure all the fur is clean and sanitary to handle before storing it for donation. If you should have a use for some pet hair, please let us know as we love to support recycling of this wonderful abundant biowaste!


1. Cleaning Up Oil Spills

When there is an oil spill in the ocean or waterways, booms are used to soak them up. Unfortunately synthetic booms and chemical dispersants cause damaging long term side effects on the environment. Hair booms however, are an organic alternative that’s even more effective at soaking up oil. A standard boom can soak up to 4L of oil and can even be drained and reused up to two more times. Talk about the power of hair!

Uncanny Animals takes part in the creation of these Hair Booms being a member of the Sustainable Salons organisation.


2. To Fertilise The Garden

Of course hair is naturally biodegradable, but did you know that hair contains nutrients like amino acids, nitrogen, calcium and iron? These are all components that are fantastic for fertilising soil! The balanced level of micro and macro nutrients also supports beneficial bacteria and enhances yield. You can also use pet hair in your compost.



3. As an Animal Deterrent

Pet hair can keep unwanted animals from an area as the scent of hair can trick small animals into thinking there's a dog nearby! Sprinkle some around areas you want other furry friends to keep away from.


4. Creating, Re-purposing and Re-Stuffing Dog Toys.

Soft dog toys are often filled with synthetic materials, and when dogs pull them apart they are often tossed in the bin creating waste. Instead of tossing them or refilling them with non environmentally friendly materials, stuff them full of dog hair and stitch them back up!

Alternatively, you can spin and felt hair to create new toys. Felting a simple ball is a very affective way to create a new toy for your cat!


5. Allergy Desensitisation Programs

Pet hair, particularly cat hair, can be donated to help in the research and creation of allergen immunotherapy (AIT), also known as desensitisation. Medical desensitisation helps people develop a tolerance to things they previously suffered allergies greatly to.


6. Birds Nests

Hanging baskets of hair around or even pegging hair to a clothes line to offer to the birds around is one of the most simple ways pet hair can be reused! This soft material helps create a lovely, luxurious birds nest for your winged friends.  


7. Technology

At the moment, flexible OLED displays are manufactured using sophisticated synthetic chemistry and heavy metals that are harvested from the earth. This means the devices become toxic pollutants when discarded. Sustainable Salons has  partnered with QUT and Griffith University to research how hair can help create more environmentally sustainable OLED displays at a much lower cost and how recycled hair can help stabilise solar panels so they’re more effective and last longer! Sounds crazy right? Well it’s all possible thanks to hair being 45% carbon.