Booking Process - Please read!

BOOKING REQUEST: Upon requesting a booking, it goes through to us and we will confirm that the time allocated is enough to groom your pet. You will be sent an email confirming your appointment (be sure to check your junk folder if you haven't heard from us.) If we run into any trouble, we will give you a call on the number you have provided and find another suitable time. 

CORRECT SERVICE: Please make sure that you choose the correct service. If you incorrectly book and we groom your pet with the service you have requested, you are still liable to pay the amount in full. No refunds will be given. We also do not have time to upgrade shorter appointments to larger ones.

 If you can't find your pet's breed or if your pet is a cross breed, please select the breed that is closest to your pet - we will update your details after your first visit. 

CATS: For cat services search "cat" and choose from the drop down menu. Click the length of hair your cat has and service you want. 

FORMS: If you are new, if your pet has matting, or you have booked a creative groom appointment, you must fill out the relevant form. These will be sent to you in your confirmation email (check your junk mail) 

T&Cs: By booking an appointment, you are agreeing to the Uncanny Animals Grooming Terms & Conditions which can be found here.

Thank you x

UPDATE: All services pertaining to Annie have been removed from the online portal due to extremely high demand. That means all services exclusive to Annie will not be found booking online; That is cats, hand-stripping, creative, behavioural cases, and most traditional grooms. To book these services email
If you are a regular client of Annie's, please get in touch to book on going appointments to secure your place on Annie's list. 

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