Yarraville Dog Parade - a huge success!

Yarraville Dog Parade - a huge success!

On Sunday the 27th of March 2022, Uncanny Animals hosted the Yarraville Festival Dog Parade. We saw over 20 contestants and had a truly enormous crowd - the largest crowd at the stage on the day!

Contestants were judged on their over all "entertainment factor" - often a mix of costumes, tricks and general cuteness.

We saw locals and those that travelled far distances, solo competitors, families and rescue groups, puppies and spoon-fed geriatric dogs, huge bois and smol girls - a rainbow of dogs and circumstances!

While the sun put on her best weather for us all, the beautiful friendships and bonds between dogs and humans was on display. It was a truly joyous community bonding event, made particularly lovely after a few years of hard times due to covid.

Staff members Lori, Darcy and Maddie had the very difficult task of judging the winners, while Annie and Liam had the fun task of MCing and givings pats to the competitors.

It was a tight competition but below are the results:

First Place - Penny the Shih Tzu. (Uncanny Animals Prize pack valued at over $200)

Second Place - Mango the Toy Poodle (Uncanny Animals Prize pack valued at over $100)

Third Place - Raf the English Bulldog (Uncanny Animals Prize pack valued at over $100)

Congratulations to all of the competitors! We are so proud of you all and you brought so much happiness to everyone at the Yarraville Festival. Much love x

Photos below are taken by Max Morgan (@he.does.photography on instagram) on behalf of the Yarraville Festival. You are welcome to share these photos, but if you do, help your fellow local artist and tag Max!