Emily Ramsay


Emily completed her Certificate III in Pet Grooming, whereafter she went on to selflessly volunteer as a groomer for 2 years at the Epping RSPCA shelter.

She came to Uncanny Animals as our senior bather, before furthering her education at Dog Diversity Grooming School and moving into a fulltime grooming role.

Emily is our short coated breed specialist and is proficient in the correct theories and techniques to de-shed short coated breeds. 

Emily is also mum to two beautiful black kitties called "Jinx" and "Kuro."

Grooming Details

Species Emily Grooms: Dogs (all sizes)

Grooming Specialities:
Short-haired breeds, groom-outs, small oodles, matting clips.

Grooming Exclusions: Traditional styled grooms, creative grooming.