Your animal companion deserves the best, so why not pamper your dog or cat with a facial? We have both blueberry and banana facials that can be added to your booking. To read more about each, click the button below

Price $15


If your pet doesn't need a full groom but needs a little touch up, no worries at all! We offer eye trims, face trims, feet trims, private area trims - if it needs a trimmin', we can do it! 

Please note that you still need to book an appointment (though we can usually squeeze you in.)

Small- $20
Medium - $30
Large - $40

Poodle Feet

Poodle feet (or clean feet) are completely shaved feet on a short blade. Traditionally a look for poodles, many pet owners opt for this style for practicality as it helps in the prevention of grass seeds and keeping feet clean.

Price $20

Le Parfum

Every animal that leaves our studio will smell beautiful and clean, simply from the products used in bathing. We like to add a little spritz of pet-safe cologne as well. However, we understand fragrance preference can differ from person to person, so we give you the option to choose if this is something you wish!

Price - Free!