Berry Milkshake Suburban Collar Pupstyle

Berry Milkshake Suburban Collar Pupstyle

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A recent study published in dog-lly magazine said that dogs who love to play, also still want to be on flea-k.

You might have a fancy looking collar you love but it’s not really built for rough play. The problem is, the ones that withstand rough and tumbling just don’t look as good as you need them to.

If your furry friend is a little more ‘likes running through puddles’ than ‘stroll along the boulevard while mummy sips her fancy coffee’, then the Berry Milkshake Suburban Collar is for you.

Still the ultimate fashion accessory that fits your puppy’s vibe, but designed for daily wear (with a touch of luxury).

The high quality polyester means it’s strong and durable (no slipping over the head or breaking), and the neoprene lining ensures your puppy stays comfortable at all times.

It has:

  • A heavy-duty quick-release metal buckle for easily taking on and off
  • Cushioned neoprene lining for ultra comfort
  • Premium quality, highest strength polyester strapping, suitable even for the strongest pullers