Puppy Teether - Elliot the Elephant

Puppy Teether - Elliot the Elephant

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Meet Elliot the Elephant, the friendly puppy teething chew toy that helps direct your pup’s chewing attention away from your shoes, furniture, etc. Elliot is a tough and flexible chew toy shaped like an elephant and has a thick, knotted rope loop tied to him for extra chewing and tugging play. Small to medium dogs can also enjoy having Elliot as a companion for independent and interactive play. Take Elliot with you outdoors and indulge in games of fetch with your little furry friend!


  • Tough, yet pliable and gentle, puppy teething and chew toy made of durable TPR material
  • Features a thick and knotted rope loop handle for extra chewing surface and light tugging play
  • Great to use indoors for solo play or outdoor interactive fetch games
  • Can be for small to medium-sized dogs as well as puppies

Character: Elliot the Elephant

Colour: Blue

Size/Dimensions: Approximately 17.8cm x 10.2cm x 1.3cm