"Kiss Me" by Doggie Tea

"Kiss Me" by Doggie Tea

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An antibacterial and antimicrobial tea for dogs that improves doggie breath from the inside out.

The certified organic ingredients in Kiss Me tea work together to improve digestion to assist your furry friend’s canine halitosis (bad breath).


  • Improve digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Treat and prevent mouth ulcers and infections
  • Prevent gingivitis and bacteria multiplying in your dog’s mouth

Kiss Me tea ingredients:

Certified organic parsley, ginger root, dill, sage and peppermint leaves.

Certified organic herbal tea 

Blended and packaged in Australia

Size: 30g of loose leaf tea


Use 1 teaspoon of doggie tea per 200ml of boiling water infuse for up to 10 minutes.
Allow the tea to cool before serving to your dog.  The tea can also be sprinkled directly onto your dog's food (use a maximum of 1/2 teaspoon a day).