Poochie-Poo 180 bags
Poochie-Poo 180 bags

Poochie-Poo 180 bags

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This pack contains 180 biodegradable and compostable dog poop bags (12 rolls of 15 bags).

Made from Cornstarch+PLA+PBAT, these bags will decompose in 3 months and meet both AS5810 & AS4736 standards.

Poochie-Poo bags are 33% thicker than the typical plastic dog poop bag meaning you can truly feel the difference – our favourite thing is how easy they are to open!

The bags can last 10-12 months if stored correctly but we recommend never holding more than a six-month supply – our subscription options remove the need to worry about running out with new bags arriving every 120 days.

Making the switch to Poochie-Poo is a simple and easy way to make an ongoing difference.