Puzzle & Play Rainy Day - CAT PUZZLE
Puzzle & Play Rainy Day - CAT PUZZLE
Puzzle & Play Rainy Day - CAT PUZZLE

Puzzle & Play Rainy Day - CAT PUZZLE

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Indulge your cats curiosity and keep their mind sharp and entertained with the Petstages Nina Ottosson Rainy Day Puzzle & Play Game!

Swivel, spin, and slide with this fun treat-hiding cat game! The Rainy Day Puzzle & Play is your answer to solving your cats boredom while theyre stuck indoors all day. Uniquely crafted with swiveling rain drops, sliding pegs, and a spinning top, this cat puzzle game allows you to adjust the difficulty level for your pet and keep your cat interested in the game even when they beat each level.

This puzzle board game features 14 treat cavities that can be hidden with any of the swiveling raindrops or the sliding blocks. The spinning top requires your cat to paw at it and make it move to reveal the treats concealed underneath. You can place treats inside the blocks from the top opening and encourage your cat to slide the pegs to the cavity at the end of the track instead of using the raindrop to hide the compartment.

For slow-feeding, you can use the Rainy Day Puzzle as a feeding tray for your cat to control their food intake and fix any bad eating habits they may have. The puzzle is also designed to help keep your cats mind sharp and even improve destructive behaviour.

Made to last, this Nina Ottosson cat puzzle game is constructed with sturdy and eco-friendly composite materials (wood and plastic).


  • Treat-hiding cat puzzle game with 14 treat compartments and various difficulty levels
  • Features a spinning disc, swiveling raindrops, and sliding blocks to conceal treats
  • Encourages your cats natural instincts to hunt and helps keep their mind occupied
  • Helps improve destructive habits or behaviours by redirect your cats attention to the game
  • Challenges your pets mind and sharpens their problem-solving skills
  • Can be used as a slow-feeder for your cat and holds up to cup of food (wet or dry)
  • Designed with eco-friendly and durable composite material (wood & plastic)
  • Pet-safe and food-safe - no BPA, PVC or phthalates
  • Great for cats of all levels and ages to try!